John Biesnecker

Cooking pasta in your Instant Pot

Simple rules to follow for perfect pasta.

Cooking pasta in your Instant Pot is easy.

  1. Calculate the cooking time in minutes with the formula t = n / 2 - 2, where the division truncates, and n is the smallest number of minutes the box says to cook. So, for instance, if the box says that your pasta cooks in 9-11 minutes, n is 9, and t would be 2. If the result is 0 or negative, set your Instant Pot for zero minutes (that is, it gets up to pressure and then is immediately done).
  2. Put in 2 cups of liquid for every 8 ounces of pasta (so 4 cups for the standard 16oz box).
  3. Cook.
  4. Natural release for five minutes, then manually release whatever pressure is left.
  5. Stir the shit out of the pasta. You’re trying to make sure that your pasta comes into contact with whatever little bits of unabsorbed water are left.
  6. Put the lid back on (don’t need to seal it) and let it steam for another 10 or so minutes. Make sure the Instant Pot is totally off at this point (you don’t want the “Keep Warm” function continuing to heat the pasta or it will overcook).
  7. Enjoy!