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Using React.js to draw dynamic SVGs

One of the cool things about Scalable Vector Graphics is that they're just XML, which means they can be written with any tool that supports XML generation. Since React.js is a framework that takes state and emits XML (normally HTML, but it doesn't have to be), you can use it to create dynamic SVG images. Read more

Building a card game (war) with React

When I was a little kid one of my favorite card games was War. I didn't realize at the time that it was completely deterministic, but that's beside the point. It was fun! Today I decided to build a version of it in React so I can play in the browser. Read more

Why I'm betting on Javascript

Sometimes you just need to focus your efforts in one direction for a little while to maximize your impact. For me, that direction is going to be Javascript, because I think it's the language of the future. Read more

NLCS Game 5 winning odds by inning

Using linescore data, we can predict the odds of each team in a game winning on an innning-by-inning basis. This post looks at Game 5 of the 2014 NLCS between the St. Louis Cardinals and the San Francisco Giants. Read more

Getting started with the Parse JS SDK

Parse makes creating a backend for your app really easy, and has a pretty generous free tier. I'm planning to use it to back a couple of projects in the near future, which means I should learn how it works. The goal of this post is to walk through getting Facebook login working with Parse. Read more

Relaxing in the noise

One thing I've noticed about myself of late is that I thrive in noisy, confusing environments, and have a hard time focusing when it's too quiet. I'm not sure if that's a result of living in China for all of those years, or one of the factors that made me enjoy living there so much. Read more

How likely is it that my team will win?

Everyone has been there. They're watching a game, and they're thinking "man, there's no way we'll ever pull this one out." But really, what are the odds that your team is going to win or lose? I've crunched data from every Major League Baseball game since 1960 to answer just that question. Read more

Building a reading time widget with React and jQuery

Medium's reading time widget is a great additiont to the site, and I wanted my own, so I built it with React.js and jQuery. Read more

Projects fail slowly, and then all at once

Nobody starts a project expecting it to fail, and that's a problem. Most projects are going to fail, and not recognizing that at the outset causes people to continue investing in lost causes for far too long. Understanding the way that failing projects fail is an important step in avoiding this costly mistake. Read more

Integrating React.js into Jekyll

Jekyll is a fantastic static website builder, and React is a wonderful Javascript UI framework. Making them work together isn't very hard, but requires a few not terribly documented steps. Hopefully this post will bridge the documentation gap. Read more